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About Diane Martens

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The general work of Diane Martens is oil on canvas. The subject of her work is set outdoors, capturing the beauty and strength of the Florida landscape as seen from early dawn to just before dusk. Her art is alive with color!


Some of her most recent work is texture thick by using a palate knife to apply her colors. Her palate is composed of the three primaries; two reds, two blues, two yellows and white as mixing her own color brings a greater harmony to the canvas. She paints in plein aire and for her studio work uses photographic references.


Diane is a landscape painter of Florida’s wondrous beauty and abundant life. The style of her images is loose impression filled with vibrant color and movement. On a trip to Monet’s home in Giverney, France she was inspired to complete oil paintings of his garden and lily pond. These canvasses capture the tranquil reflections and comforting compositions of the moment.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Diane received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and did post-graduate work at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Art has been the focus of Diane’s life since her first watercolor at the age of six. “It was my move to Florida that expanded my horizons to include landscapes as my primary subject matter. I became overwhelmed with Florida’s natural and primitive beauty, which has a spiritual nature about it. I wanted to pair expansive skies with lush landscapes.” Diane is an oil painter first, but also enjoys creating pastel pet portraits. She has exhibited throughout Florida and is in a number of major collections in America and the UK.

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